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Berkeley alum Laura Mam releases a video for her new Khmer-language song “Soben Sneh” from her EP, Meet Me in the Rain.

Well, tbh the music video was boring, but the voice and the song is sublime.



Yo guys, I am back! And my Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration is going really well by spending a good time with my long-time-no-see old friends. Good times. Master thesis is still a bitch, but I can manage (hopefully well).

Expect several updates in short future, so stay tunes ;D

Also, a bit info in Indonesian, so feel free to ignore this if you can’t Bahasa Indonesia:

Sori ya agak promosi sedikit, jadi ada aplikasi smartphone lokal yang bernama UNYU dan baru banget di-launching pada hari jadi Indonesia yang tercinta ini. Kurang lebih UNYU itu aplikasi untuk ngirim stiker-stiker lucu di berbagai messenger, semacam LINE atau KAKAOTalk begitulah. Salah satu kontributor ilustrasi stikernya adalah saya di samping banyak artis lokal dan internasional yang lain (contoh karya saya itu gambar neng imut yang di atas).

Kalau mau tengok bolehlah diunduh aplikasinya (gratis!) buat android, blackberry dan java. Sayangnya buat iPhone aplikasi ini belum available, sebenernya penasaran juga daku gimana bentuk aplikasinya tapi nggak bisa nyoba sendiri T__T

Another one for Comic Fiesta goods.

Once when I was deeply engrossed with Hetalia (still am though, although not as crazy as I used to be), I created a whole bunch of ASEAN OCs (all 8 of 10 members of it, since Himaruya has created Thailand and Vietnam) and made the series SEA Gakuen. I’ve been itching to publish a doujin book based on these characters but feeling reluctant because, well, if I want to categorized it as Hetalia doujinshi, it contains more OCs than the canon characters and personally I’m not really fond of too much OCs in fanworks. So, after much brainstorming with my friends, I decided to turn this OCs into an original series of my own, with tremendous help from the wonderful starstray.

New settings and concepts have been reinvented, and the SEA Gakuen now has been reborn into the aptly named original series: United World Academy (well, excuse me), with focus on characters from ASEAN countries and their interactions with characters from other countries. There are also new designs for characters from Thailand and Vietnam which I will reveal later on.

The inaugural pilot edition of this original doujin book will be sold at the upcoming Comic Fiesta.

PS: Starstray colored most of the characters and I helped with the background, damn I feel my skills are deteriorating somewhat. Must practice harder.

Okay, I was cheating and this is actually a really old picture, but I deemed this is a good opportunity to post this one, because:

Happy Birthday Indonesia!

May you live long and prosper <3

Ridiculous hat was actually a part of Indonesia’s old military uniform from War of Independence era. I think I drew this in response of the movie Merah Putih back in 2009? I guess.

Prepare for an incoming influx of sketches, bb!

Surprisingly Brunei got quite a number of fans lately, I’m so happy for her! *motherly tears*

Sometimes I feel bad for Brunei, because much like the fate of Canada in Hetalia, she was often forgotten when people were asked about the countries in ASEAN grouping. Maybe because she’s indeed really, really, quiet. But that’s okay, we still love you, honey.

For this mysterious anon, Brunei says:


Posting up colored picture like a boss! Though this is not finished yet, there’s still some detail I’d like to add later.

FYI, I do know CNY has already passed long time ago, I just felt like drawing it. OK jk this was originally for CNY post before rl got in the way, since I already made the base so why not, udah kadung bikin ya terusin aja :P

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Let’s celebrate it with corniest mock teen flick movie poster ever. With corny layout and corny title.

Gosh, I wonder what the heck did I drink last night, how did I come up with idea like this for Valentine pic I just can’t- *__* I even thought up the whole storyline for this schijt which brought me to another dilemma, but I’ll talk about it in another post. (I wonder now, should I tell you guys the synopsis? Should I? Should I? Nah, I don’t wanna ruin your Valentines with the horror of possible mindfuckery after reading it).

Now that I acquire more free time lately, it’s time to pay off some debts I’ve put on hold due to irl cockblocking. Starstray, if you think I only got this much for ASEAN then be prepared for incoming posts bb, ‘cos I’m on the roll!!

'Sahabat Jadi Cinta' (Indonesian) could be freely interpreted into ‘From (just) Friends Become Lovers’. I took it from a song with the same title by Zigaz, a local band, which lately become my earworm since my neighbor put it in their stereo on loop -__-;

You know I usually put my sketches here, but for this time it’s kinda special ;D

Happy Birthday Indonesia!!

may you live long and prosper ^ ^

Actually I’m a bit late to post this pic since it’s already 18th of August now and Indonesia’s independence day was supposed to be at 17th of August (can’t help it, was busy with independence celebration and all *cough*lies*cough*), but well, it’s still 17th August in another part of the earth so let’s leave it at that ;D

Behold my immature use of dramatic lighting! Dude, I need to practice CG-coloring more one of these days.

Clothing Lines

Left:Ida Royani

Middle: Dian Pelangi

Right: Shafira

Model: Brunei

Illustrator: Orrie

If the western fashion scenes have Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter season, Indonesia’s fashion scenes have Summer (all year long, bb) and Lebaran season. Since next month will mark the start of fasting period for Moslems, Indonesian designers have been busy launching their newest Islamic clothing collections since May, and I do admit I like seeing the dynamic of the fashionable, stylish Islamic clothes these creative people churns out from time to time (even though I’m not a Moslem myself). In this Lebaran 2011 season, the designers have become bolder in the playing of colors (it’s really pretty my b/w sketches don’t do them justice) and the incorporation of Indonesian natives elements like the using of traditional woven fabrics, jewelery, or tribal motives with the touch of urban modernism.

Nowadays, I often see Indonesian Moslem women wearing stylish jilbab (or hijab, or simply kerudung) on the streets and I like what I see, they have their own style and they are not afraid to show it to the masses while they still obliged to the saying of their faith. I mean, it’s your choice to comply with what your faith recommend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself while you’re doing that.

Anyway, I use Brunei from my Asean OCs as the model in these sketches, the people in Brunei tends to dress more conservatively though, but I thought she would look so cute in those clothes I couldn’t help but imagining the following scene where Indonesia become all ecstatic and will make her try every single collections he could find at his home….. Which would make him looks kinda creepy, don’t do it bb!!

Wait, I think I did.


Yeap, it is. Omaigad what the heck does my brain function at 3 o’clock in the morning -______-;;; Can you even read the rubbish I wrote in that panel?

Btw, abang suka itu! literally means ‘big bro likes that!’



Lebaran (or Hari Raya, or Aidil Fitri, or Īdu l-Fiṭr) is largely celebrated in Indonesia, it’s usually marked with massive pilgrimage of Indonesians who want to go back to their hometowns to celebrate Lebaran with their (big) families. People cooks lots of delicious Lebaran dishes, wears shiny new clothes, lights up firecrackers or fireworks (the latter are banned in many areas), and visits relatives while giving in duit raya (basically like angpao money) to the children. Much similar with how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year IMO.

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