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I moved from my previous sketchblog, since I figure it would be simpler to do so in tumblr.

This is basically my escape from rl works and a place to put my fanart stuffs and occasionally original sketches. Also some fangirling. I'm currently VERY into The Hobbit and One Piece, just FYI, but there are other fandoms scatter around too.

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Thank you so much and have a nice day!

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Another one for Comic Fiesta goods.

Once when I was deeply engrossed with Hetalia (still am though, although not as crazy as I used to be), I created a whole bunch of ASEAN OCs (all 8 of 10 members of it, since Himaruya has created Thailand and Vietnam) and made the series SEA Gakuen. I’ve been itching to publish a doujin book based on these characters but feeling reluctant because, well, if I want to categorized it as Hetalia doujinshi, it contains more OCs than the canon characters and personally I’m not really fond of too much OCs in fanworks. So, after much brainstorming with my friends, I decided to turn this OCs into an original series of my own, with tremendous help from the wonderful starstray.

New settings and concepts have been reinvented, and the SEA Gakuen now has been reborn into the aptly named original series: United World Academy (well, excuse me), with focus on characters from ASEAN countries and their interactions with characters from other countries. There are also new designs for characters from Thailand and Vietnam which I will reveal later on.

The inaugural pilot edition of this original doujin book will be sold at the upcoming Comic Fiesta.

PS: Starstray colored most of the characters and I helped with the background, damn I feel my skills are deteriorating somewhat. Must practice harder.

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    another one of Orrie’s works adghsjdghaj I really loved her 1930 era anthology book and I hoped this one will get to be...
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    I was actually supposed to colour the whole cover but because I’m a terrible person I ran overtime with my deadlines for...
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