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I moved from my previous sketchblog, since I figure it would be simpler to do so in tumblr.

This is basically my escape from rl works and a place to put my fanart stuffs and occasionally original sketches. Also some fangirling. I'm currently VERY into The Hobbit and One Piece, just FYI, but there are other fandoms scatter around too.

And the least I could ask is: please put the original source
if you want to post my work anywhere else.

Thank you so much and have a nice day!

- Orrie -

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Okay, I was cheating and this is actually a really old picture, but I deemed this is a good opportunity to post this one, because:

Happy Birthday Indonesia!

May you live long and prosper <3

Ridiculous hat was actually a part of Indonesia’s old military uniform from War of Independence era. I think I drew this in response of the movie Merah Putih back in 2009? I guess.

Prepare for an incoming influx of sketches, bb!

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