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I moved from my previous sketchblog, since I figure it would be simpler to do so in tumblr.

Finished works can be seen on my deviantart. I also have an online store for my merchandise and self made comic books.

Also, the least I could ask is: please put the original source
if you want to post my work anywhere else.

Thank you so much and have a nice day!

- Orrie -

Okay, I was cheating and this is actually a really old picture, but I deemed this is a good opportunity to post this one, because:

Happy Birthday Indonesia!

May you live long and prosper <3

Ridiculous hat was actually a part of Indonesia’s old military uniform from War of Independence era. I think I drew this in response of the movie Merah Putih back in 2009? I guess.

Prepare for an incoming influx of sketches, bb!

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