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I moved from my previous sketchblog, since I figure it would be simpler to do so in tumblr.

Finished works can be seen on my deviantart. I also have an online store for my merchandise and self made comic books.

Also, the least I could ask is: please put the original source
if you want to post my work anywhere else.

Thank you so much and have a nice day!

- Orrie -

Pre-order period is officially over. Thank you so much to all of you who have supported this project!!

I’ll post more update regarding the convention debut and the likes in the future.


I’m so Excited!

Oh, come on. Seriously? First look and it’s already gory-tastic I ain’t gonna survive the third movie *sob*


You offer it to me freely…..

Awwwww cuties <3

(lookit them cute mini Bilbo and nicely don Thranduil)


<a href=”http://nekomemo22.blog99.fc2.com/blog-entry-7095.html”>〓 たんねる 〓 黄金のコラボ! 桜と猫の美しすぎる画像集</a>



don’t click play.

Dude, wtf XDD


Disney, Fortunate Pumpkin Carriage, engagement ring [x]

Disney, Sleeping Beauty, wedding bands [x]

Disney, Beauty and the Beast, wedding bands [x]

Disney, A Mermaid in Love, engagement ring [x]

Disney, Enchanted Rose engagement ring [x]

Disney, A Princess of Pure Heart, Snow White, engagement ring [x]

Disney, Crown for the Beauty, engagement ring [x]

Disney, The Lamp of Great Magic, engagement ring [x]

I dig the Fortunate Pumpkin Carriage and the Lamp of Great magic One so hard. Future husband, please propose me with one of these rings.


Ever hear of LookHuman? You probably know them as the website that has apparel and accessories with catchy slogans and phrases that fit right in with the tumblr community’s sense of humor.

Well, that’s because a large number of those catchy slogans and phrases, along with artwork, were made by tumblr users and used without credit or permission.

That’s right: LookHuman repeatedly and routinely steals/plagiarizes and profits off the work and words of others.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  1. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  2. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  3. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  4. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  5. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:
  6. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  7. Original Post on tumblr:

    Stolen by LookHuman:

And this is just a short list of the examples I could find easily.

They have also stolen work from other websites as well:

Original Shirt:



Stolen by LookHuman:


LookHuman is a company that preys on artists. They profit off other people’s work. None of the money from their sales go back to the original artists or originators of the artwork, slogans, and phrases they use. None of these people were credited.

Bottom line: See a cute shirt with a catchy phrase on LookHuman’s website? Chances are it’s already being sold by the original poster.

Don’t like seeing companies like this thrive? Don’t allow them to.

Email: help@lookhuman.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lookhumandotcom

Tumblr: http://lookhuman.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/look_human

122 N Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Tell LookHuman that you do not support art theft and plagiarism, and demand that they stop engaging in these practices. Refuse to buy from their store until they change their policies and begin crediting the artists whose work they are profiting off of.

Protect artists.

Support artists.

Boycott art thieves.

I found this neat dress up game and accidentally made Tudor!Sherlock (seriously, I had another character imagined in my mind until I found that wig). So here it is, Sherlock in Tudor costume and a random noble lady. Let’s say that she is his client, yeah?

Naturally, I had to fanart:

Come to think of it, I’ve read several historical-period!AU Sherlock fanfics but I’ve never found one that is set in Tudor era. Anyone knows one? Please tell me and I’ll check it out with the speed of light.





"oh look at me just casually doing a junket interview wHEN SUDDENLY NATURE AND ITS AMAZING POWER excuse me i must poem"

excuse me i must poem

I also have a weakness for poetic!Hiddleston

Anonymous: John is a Werekitten!


The events of the night had John forget entirely what day it was.  His glance upwards into the night sky revealed his mistake.

I have a weakness for werekitten!John

J.R.R. Tolkien’s personal dust-jacket cover design of ‘The Return of the King’ (drawn in the 1950’s), used for the 50th anniversary edition.

Why does it reminds me of gunungan and Yogyakarta Sultanate emblem? The elvish scripts even looked similar to hanacaraka scripts for goodness sake.

Found this old work lying around in my HD, I think you could use some cute!Ivan in your dash.


lol my brain sometimes

I can relate to this. I can relate it SO HARD.


So I put Thranduil’s speech through gizoogle. I was not disappointed. 

O M Dios

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